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Biggest gyro and the biggest order of fries I have ever seen.... for $6. And it was AMAZING. Wow. I have gone to school at BG for 3 years now, and I can't believe it took this long to discover South Side 6. That sauce is unbelievable. From reading the other reviews, it must be that cucumber sauce. Fresh onions and tomatoes. The meat was so flavorful and moist. I just want to scream from the top of a mountain !!

Also, I loved that when I ordered, the guy turned around and said to the gyro-maker "Make it a good one." And it was! Like someone noted before, I always thought this place was some hole-in-the-wall liquor store. I will be back, there's no question about that.

On another note, they have quite a selection of imported beers. I took some time to look around the place before my order came up. Several different kinds of Mexican beer (which is my favorite) that I had yet to see in Ohio.

- Logan

What got me was the following:

The meat was incredibly flavorful and had a great texture, almost light if such a thing is possible for gyro meat

The yogurt cucumber sauce is amazing and has some garlic in it. A perfect compliment.

Like all great middle eastern sandwiches, the pita is toasted on a flat press before being wrapped up and sent out. This extra touch makes the pita go from boring to delicious in my opinion.

- Peter

Wow! If you go to BG and don't go to SS6, consider driving off a short cliff. People don't go because it is a convenience store, at best. However, if you venture in, what a find! I must admit, I am self-proclaimed gyro junkie, but this is good!

You walk in and the family owns and operates the business. The gyro (both lamb and chicken) is spinning right behind the counter. Yum!

I typically get the gyro because it is the size of a small chicl and only costs $3.99. I add feta cheese, a welcome addition for an extra $1.00. If you want some extra sauce, it will set you back 50 cents. If you get it as a meal, they add fries which I hear are quite tasty. The combination of juicy gyro meat, onions, tzatziki, tomatoes, and pita is just so fantastic, I wonder how I am not 500 lbs.

I have also had the kafta, hummus, and home-made chips. Everything is awesome!!

- Danny